Monday, August 27, 2007

Today's Clinic Visit

Everything went well at Noah's clinic visit today. I won't know how his echo looked until they call me this afternoon with the update and med changes. So far all the stool samples have come back clean. The only ones we are still waiting on are the virus and the reducing one. The reduction test will show if he's having a hard time digesting certain things like protein or carbs or an amino acid.... that's the one I really hope is negative. I have no idea when those results will come back but today would be nice.

He's also doing much better since his bum is now numb. I can tell he's still a little upset sometimes because his tummy hurts but overall he's being a very good boy. And still cute as ever!!

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  1. I'm GLAD things are still going well with Noah!! We cant wait for you all to come home!! Brennon needs a buddy and Kya misses Lilly!! Thanks For Continuing To Update Us. LOVE Jen, Gary, Kya and Brennon :-)


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