Monday, August 6, 2007

Still No Answers

The past few days have been a struggle to keep Noah's blood pressure down and help ease his breathing. We still have no idea what's causing all these problems.

Noah had his chest tube in for a few days and when they thought his lung was healed they removed it. But then the hole tore open again and they had to put the chest tube back in. He needed another IV to give him all his medicine so they tried for a PICC line. And when I say tried I mean they tried and tried and tried and tried. But it just didn't work. So, they are trying to switch all his meds to oral.

Last night they had to stop feeding him because his belling was starting to swell again and he was having a VERY hard time breathing. They are doing several lung treatments to try and help them heal and today they put his feeding tube further down past his stomach into his intestines so they can feed him without filling up his belly. This should also help ease his breathing.

Still no answers on the cause for the high blood pressure or his other symptoms. I just pray they will slowly get better and he can be released for good this time.

As I write this it is now August 7th. Exactly one month since Noah got his heart. He's getting bigger and becoming more aware. He LOVES to be held and gets very bored when nobody pays attention to him. (As if he doesn't have all the attention in the world, the nurses just adore him).

I am so thankful for the support you have all given me. Your love and prayers are what keep me strong. I thank my Heavenly Father for each of you every day.


  1. Crystal,
    You're lil sweetie is such a fighter! Heavenly Father has something special in store for him. Keep up the faith and patience as your testimony and strength are such a huge example to me. Our family is praying for Noah and your entire family. . . We're so blessed to be able to have you as friends!!!! Love: Jen, Gary and Kya (oh and Mr. T;))

  2. Praying that the docs will figure out what's going on! I know how you feel right's hard not knowing but just remember that God knows and that's perfect!! I know you love to snuggle him...and I'm so glad you are getting to do that...and yes, these babies get sooooo bored. We asked the Child Life people in the hospital to bring us a Stimulation Box for had little toys and such in it...he loved it...that box and eventually the tv! lol!!


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