Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A New Chest Tube

I got another dreaded phone call from the ICU this morning.
Noah's lung developed a hole and the air was leaking into his chest cavity. Since the air has no place to go it can be deadly as it crushes the lung and then the heart.
The surgeon came in and put a chest tube under his arm inbetween his ribs to release the air. This helped his lung expand again. They believe it did this cause his lungs are sick and stiff. And when they are stiff they don't expand and contract as well and it just popped a hole.
They said he shouldn't have any problems long term related to this hole but we don't know what sort of problem he will have because of his TRALI. There is a TRALI expert here in Denver who will be coming to see Noah today and should be able to give me some more insight.


  1. I'm eager to see what the TRALI specialist has to say...and about that chest tube...I hated to here that but I'm thankful that there is such a procedure...sending hugs your way!

  2. Crystal! Noah sure is a tought little baby! You're all in our thoughts continuously and we're praying for you as well!!! I'm waiting to hear what the TRALI specialist says and am glad that you have such a person there who can shed some light on your sweet little baby's health and situation! Love, Jen


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