Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Cuddle Bug

Noah just loves to be held. Doesn't matter if he's awake, asleep or somewhere in between. The nurses all call him a cuddle bug.

My arms ached to hold him for SO long that I don't mind one bit. Today we did a little sleeping together and a little playing together. He even took a (very) small amount from a bottle.

Good things today though, they turned down his O2 and weened his Diuretic and blood pressure meds. These are all the things we need to do to come home. If things keep going as planned, I can see him being released maybe next Monday. (We won't be doing a Friday again... Noah obviously doesn't like weekends so we'll let him spend that one in the Hospital). Now this is all my opinion, the Dr's haven't said anything about release yet. So, we'll see. He's just so stinking cute!!!!


  1. I was so excited to get back in town and see that Noah is doing so well. It makes me so happy. This little man deserves to be cuddles as much as possible. He has 2 months of not being held to make up for. Oh what a doll...keep him happy so that he can keep getting strong.

  2. He's such a lil sweetie! I'm so happy you're getting tons and tons of cuddles from your cute lil man! You deserve them! Love,

  3. I wonder if it really is the time without being held that makes them LOVE it. Ty was such a cuddler when he was tiny. Now,. he is just fun!! I love the pictures. He looks great!!!

  4. Just remember Crystal - when you get home YOU WILL HAVE TO SHARE! But I know you will. I miss you,

  5. Crystal,
    What wonderful news to hear that little Noah is doing so well. He looks like a cuddle bug! Wish I could get in on the action. We got your note today and it was fun to hear from you. Just got back from our granddaughter, Leah's, wedding in the Mesa Temple. Fun, fun, fun.
    We send our love.
    Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Bill


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