Saturday, August 11, 2007

Making Progress

Noah is looking so much better. I am really happy with his progress. He continued to have a harder time breathing today but it wasn't any worse than yesterday. They decided to switch him to bolus feeds instead of continuous (giving it in bulk as if he had eaten it on his own) so that there would be more time without anything in his tummy to see if that will help ease the pressure on his lungs. I even tried to give him a bottle again today. He did a very small amount but I am happy with anything at this point. We start the feeding therapy again tomorrow.

I went there this morning to see him and he was asleep the whole time. I didn't want to disturb him so I just sat and watched him sleep. Then this afternoon when I went back he was awake. So I played with him for almost 3 hours. I talked to him and sang to him and gave him tons of kisses. He smiled and sucked his paci. It was so nice. He hasn't started cooing yet but hopefully that comes soon. I did have to change his bum several times. Every time it was clean he'd wait 3 minutes and poop again.... definitely a Martin.

Here is my little warrior today while we played...

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