Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Update

Noah is still doing well. His belly is getting bigger, which really has me worried but the Drs don't seem too concerned. They think it's just gas, fluid retention, and maybe some constipation. They took him off the Morphine drip to help stimulate his gut and also started his feeds again yesterday. I really hope the swelling goes down.

Other than that he is good. The Transplant Dr says she sees no reason why he wouldn't be able to be taken off the ventilator within the next 2 days or so. I'm not getting my hopes up too much since I know it will take some time. He's been on the vent his whole life. He can take it slow if he needs to. All that matters is that we are headed in the right direction. And before we know it, I'll be sleep deprived due to late night feedings and I'll be the happiest mother in the world!!

P.S. Lilly and I are SO VERY excited! Shane is coming tomorrow and gets to stay for 10 whole days! We sure miss him.

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  1. Coming off the vent when it is time happens fast. So we will hope for you!! We hope you get to spend the next few days with Noah off the vent when Shane is there. Sure is funny what we are ok with when we don't have "normal" .... Welcome to Holland Crys!!


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