Monday, July 2, 2007

Meeting New People

Today at the Ronald McDonald House, I met the Mom of a little girl who had a heart transplant 1 month ago. She is only 18 months and they didn't even find out she had a heart problem until 4 months ago. She only waited a short time and then was released from the hospital after 2 weeks. I also met a teenager who had her heart transplant in April. She waited for her heart for 23 days and now She gets to go home on Saturday. The mom and daughter are from Utah too. It was very reassuring to see such a cute little girl and such a healthy looking teenager both who recently had heart transplants. It gave me hope that Noah will be healthy after he gets his new heart too. I didn't realize the hospital did so many heart transplants. But I guess thats why they are the biggest pediatric cardiac transplant unit in America.... lots of pratice.

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  1. I'm so glad you got to meet these people! It really is encouraging to see people who are a few steps ahead and doing well.


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