Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Current Situation

Noah seems to be doing better now that he is on the antibiotic. His color looks better and he doesn't look so sweaty. He's also breathing better. He is still have vtac and weird heart rhythms but they are getting better. So, the current thought, is he's not rejecting. He probably just had the rhythm because of the infection. His echo looked better today, and he looked better, and his labs were better and all they have done is treat infection. If it was rejection, he should be getting sicker because they haven't treated that yet. It's still too soon to know for sure. It could all change tomorrow but for now, we are hopeful.

He also didn't get the PICC today. Since he was is such a hard stick they were going to have a NICU Dr come and put it in by cutting his arm to prick the vein directly instead of going through the skin (I didn't know this until today and was completely against that idea!). But since he is doing better, and they IV in his head is working for now, they decided not to do it until they had to just in case he doesn't need it. They original worry was that he was septic. All his symptoms said sepsis but yet he didn't have the high fever you would expect with that. But, if he doesn't have it, then he won't need to take the Antibiotics for longer than 10 days. And if there is a chance his current IV will last that long, then lets give it a try.

Basically, the current situation is, we don't think he's rejecting. He probably just has an infection that the last round of antibiotics didn't clear up completely. BUT... it's still too soon to know for sure. We have to wait and see how he continues to respond and see what happens. This is good news though. My current wish was that I could have spent more time there today. Lilly was NOT having it. Every time we went she started throwing a fit and kept upsetting Noah and making it impossible for me to talk to the Nurses. I never even got to hold him. I feel so bad when I call to check on him and they have a volunteer holding him. It breaks my heart that I'm not there holding him and someone else has to. I'll be very relieved when Jen comes back and can help me with Lilly so I can give Noah the attention he needs right now.


  1. Crys,
    Wow...what a rollercoaster for you guys (and Noah). I just got back in town and saw all of the updates. He will be okay, I know it. Please call Brook, she would love to take Lilly to the park or even just watch her while you are with Noah. You definitely need to have that time. Let me know if there is anything I can do..you guys are amazing...and Noah is a true angel, he can get through this.

  2. Hi, Cryatal

    So sorry that you are having such a seesaw of emotions to deal with. You are one strong girl though and you will DO IT. Today, was definitely a day of prayer for our family for yours and we send our heartfelt love. Give Noah a little kiss from us. Love Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Bill


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