Sunday, July 1, 2007


Yesterday I had the local Bishop and Elders Quarum President come and give Noah a blessing. For some reason they didn't anoint him so when I ran into the Missionaries at Church I asked them to come today. So, they came after church to give him another blessing. They had spoke with the Bishop and he said they didnt use oil incase it would contaminated etc. But I didn't think it would be a problem and explained that was why I asked them to come today and give another blessing so he could be anointed. They gave him a wonderful and simple blessing. They blessed that he would have the strength to make it through the waiting and the heart transplant surgery. That he would go on to live a long and healthy life and fullfill his mission in life. It gave me great comfort and I was very grateful that they came.

I was suppose to meet them at 1pm at the CICU (Cardiac ICU) but on my way up to the second floor, I got stuck in the evelvator. For some reason it just stopped working. Me and another lady were stuck in there for about 10 minutes. But at least it just wasn't moving instead of moving in the opposite direction. I made the Missionaries wait, but I made the nurses laugh. They all thought it was quite funny.

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