Friday, June 15, 2007


This will be quick because I am so tired and I'm going to bed....

In addition to his Aortic Stenosis, Noah has another Heart Defect with his Mitral Valve. This is the valve between the two chambers on the left side of his heart. It's leaking and causing blood to back up into his heart, lungs and Liver. This has caused pulmonary hypertension. They are doing whatever they can to fix this since he's too little to have mitral valve surgery. We would even have to push up his aortic valve replacement surgery to see if that helps before we could do anything about the Mitral valve. It's scary since this has become quite the problem but doesn't seem to have many options to fix it.

This is really hard to go through, not having him home or even being able to hold him. I wish I could at least hold my little man. It's hard to see him and then have to leave and not even be able to kiss him or give him loves. While we were there today, they took him out from the Bullirubin lights and took off his goggles. He woke up and opened his eyes. He is so handsome. It was nice to see his face but made it even harder to leave... I guess this never gets any easier, does it?????

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